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Slide Deck and Demo Files for Recent Presentations

Attached are WinZip files containing the PowerPoint presentation, as well as the scripts used in the demos for my sessions “Top 10 Query Optimizer Topics for Better Performance” and “Inside the SQL Server 2008 Data Collector” which I presented recently at the SoCal Code Camp, the Los Angeles SQL Server Professionals Group and the PASS Summit 2010.

Inside the SQL Server 2008 Data Collector –
10 Query Optimizer Topics for Better Performance –

About the author

Benjamin Nevarez Benjamin Nevarez is a database professional based in Los Angeles, California who specializes in SQL Server query tuning and optimization. He is the author of three books, “High Performance SQL Server”, “SQL Server 2014 Query Tuning & Optimization” and “Inside the SQL Server Query Optimizer” and has also coauthored other books including “SQL Server 2012 Internals”. Benjamin has also been a speaker at many SQL Server conferences and events around the world including the PASS Summit, SQL Server Connections and SQLBits. His blog can be found at and he can also be reached on twitter at @BenjaminNevarez.


  1. Calvin Jones says:

    The download links are reversed.

  2. bk says:

    Thanks Ben, was waiting for these since you didn’t get to get through your entire slide deck.

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  4. Benjamin Nevarez says:

    Thanks Calvin, I’ve fixed the download links.


  5. Zohre says:

    Thanks Benjamin for the great presentation and sharing it.

  6. sqldba says:


    i don’t have your contact info, so i am posting my request over here. this is one of your old link “”

    do you have link or can provide script for RING_BUFFER_SCHEDULER that you for CPU in the above link.

    If you can write article on RING_BUFFER_SCHEDULER will be great for SQL Server Community.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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